UX/UI Designer

Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay · Montevideo


As a UX / UI designer, you will face the daily challenges of resolving how users interact with several digital products.

In this position you will work hand in hand with a multidisciplinary team to deliver the best user experience across our client projects.

You will be able to use multiple design techniques as an input for creating beautiful mock ups and their interactions focused in generating the best possible experience.

We are a group of young, restless, driven people who believe the world deserves high quality digital products and are willing to take the challenge!

This is how we do it at UruIT

* For us, quality is crucial in every step of the way.

* We know continuous delivery and ongoing feedback are really important to ensure quality and validate software as early as possible.

* We embrace agile and a friendly learning environment.

* We always look for ways to deliver functional and valuable features.

* Our methods and processes are applied in a flexible and pragmatic way. We are always encouraged to use our judgment in order to apply the model and approach that fits the context best.

* UX process is part of the company journey. Our designers and devs speak the same language and are involved in each part of the road.

* We are not afraid to fail, as long as we are able to learn and grow!


You have a broad experience designing interfaces and a great analytical capacity.

You value working in a team and receiving constant feedback from your teammates, clients and users.

You can communicate well in English.


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